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Rutte Dutch

Rutte Dutch Dry Gin

Rutte Dutch Dry Gin

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Rutte Dutch Dry Gin is an award winning, earthy gin that makes incredible G&Ts and cocktails!

Since the founding in 1872, Rutte Distillery is located in small town of Dordrecht in Holland. This is where Master Distiller, Myriam Hendrickx aka "The Queen of Gin" makes all the magic happen.

Adding botanicals such as; juniper, coriander, angelica, orris root, fresh orange peel, fennel, and exclusive cinnamon from Sri Lanka. At the Rutte Distillery, we only ever use natural ingredients with the kind of care and attention that small batching by Myriams approval requires: Keeping the Rutte motto “Distilled with Passion” true to this day.

"Here at Rutte we peel the oranges by hand"
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