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Mezcal Nacional 1931 Tobala

Mezcal Nacional 1931 Tobala

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Mezcal Nacional 1931 recalls the terrible effects of nature that occurred in 1931.

In 1931, Oaxaca was shaken by a devastating earthquake. Although much of Oaxaca was destroyed, its people were never defeated. Mezcal Nacional 1931 was created as a tribute to the great people of Oaxaca who lost much in 1931, but who never lost the courage, hope, and determination to persevere.

Mezcal Nacional 1931 is produced from wild agave tobalá, among the most prized of the agaves. Agave tobalá yields Mezcal Nacional 1931, a complex and elegant mezcal, and a worthy tribute to Oaxaca and its people.

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